Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet

Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet

Certification ISO9001
brand Jinxinhe
Grade 201/304/316/430
Thickness 0.3mm-3.0mm
Size 1000*2000mm, 1219*2438mm, 1219*3048mm, customized Max. width 1500mm
Available finishes No.4, hair pattern, mirror, etching, PVD color, embossing, vibration, sandblasting, combination, lamination, fluorocarbon paint, etc
colour Primary colors, yellow gold, rose gold, black, grey, Champagne, copper, violet, coffee, sapphire blue, wine red, emerald green, rose red, antique, etc
Packing way PVC+ waterproof paper + strong sea-worthy wooden package

Embossed stainless steel sheet is a process of using a concave and convex die to deform a stainless steel coil under a certain pressure, so as to perform artistic processing on the stainless steel surface. The surface of the stainless steel after embossing shows different patterns and textures, which has a clear three-dimensional sense of relief and enhances the artistic appeal of the stainless steel sheet.

Common patterns are: Pearl board, small square pattern, diamond square pattern, antique square pattern, twill pattern, chrysanthemum pattern, ice bamboo pattern, sand board, cube, free pattern, stone pattern, butterfly flower, woven bamboo pattern, small diamond, large oval, panda pattern, European pattern, Ingot, linen pattern, large water beads, Mosaic, wood pattern, swastika flower, Wanfu Linmen, Ruyi cloud, square pattern, color pattern, color circle pattern.

Embossed stainless steel sheet is mainly used in building decoration, elevator decoration, counter tops, kitchen tops and so on.

Common pattern


Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet
Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet
Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet
tree pattern
Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet
Ice bamboo design
Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet
Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet
Weaving bamboo






An introduction to Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet

Embossed stainless steel processing
Embossed stainless steel processing

01. Stainless steel embossing processing

First, embossing is processed through metal plates. Large CNC mechanical equipment and precision mold make the surface of the plate show a variety of exquisite concave and convex patterns in the physical extrusion mode: commonly known as metal embossing plate, the longitudinal embossing plate is basically unrestricted. At present, metal relief plate is suitable for elevator car, ceiling, metal curtain wall, art furniture and other fields

Stainless steel embossing plates are used to create a “light effect”. The stainless steel water corrugated plate under embossing can also produce light and shadow effects in the space. The position of the stainless steel panel and light source can be adjusted in the design. After installation, testing and Angle adjustment will produce very good results in bars, art galleries and other surrounding Spaces, creating a sparkling feeling of reflection of lake light in the space.

02. Type and size of embossing processing

One side embossing

Process: Under the working condition of single cylinder mold, the stainless steel strip is extruded by calendering machinery and equipment, so that the surface of the strip is embossed and the back is smooth.

Features: It has the characteristics of scratch resistance, impact resistance, stain resistance, easy cleaning, anti-sticking and so on.

Production thickness: 0.8-2.0mm, width below 1.22m, length can be customized (within 6m).

Double embossing

Process flow: Through the rolling mill and equipment, under the working conditions of two cylinder molds, the stainless steel plate is processed by double-sided extrusion, so that its surface and back show concave and convex patterns, usually called double-sided extrusion.

Features: It has the characteristics of scratch resistance, impact resistance, stain resistance, easy cleaning, anti-sticking and so on.

Production thickness: 0.8-2.0mm, width below 1.22m, length can be customized (within 6m).

Corrugated surface

Process flow: The stainless steel plate is extruded up and down by hydraulic mechanical equipment, so that the surface has a multi-level pattern structure

Features: It forms a sparkling effect under the refraction of light, commonly known as water wave.

Production thickness: 0.8-5.0mm, width less than 1.5m, length can be customized (within 6m).

In recent years, corrugated stainless steel has often been used to decorate hotels, restaurants, commercial Spaces, ceilings and other areas, but it can also be used for exterior walls and wet areas. Example: facade curtain wall, water curtain green area, etc

03. Embossed stainless steel sheet features

Color embossed stainless steel sheet
Color embossed stainless steel sheet


(1) Strong decorative effect:

The concave and convex texture of the decorative panel presents an unparalleled sense of three-dimensional, with obvious visual effects and a typical metallic fashion sense. Available in a variety of colors. By customizing textures, you can make the space effect more colorful.

(2) Practical and durable:

Good toughness, waterproof and moisture-proof. It will not change color after long-term storage.

(3) Fire prevention and maintenance free:

Clean, maintenance-free, impact resistance, pressure resistance, scratch resistance, no fingerprints.



04. Embossed stainless steel sheet dyeing method

Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet
Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless steel surface coloring technology can bring different colors to stainless steel, make the metal more colorful, and effectively improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the product.

The general surface coloring methods of embossed stainless steel sheet are mainly:

Electrolytic coloring, retro production, vacuum titanium plating

Electrolytic coloring: black, purple, green pepper green, emerald green, rose red and other colors can be customized

Vintage and old-fashioned production: custom brass, copper, bronze and other colors

Vacuum titanium plating: Custom gold, champagne gold, black titanium, bronze, rose gold



Several methods of stainless steel plate pattern

With the application of stainless steel plate more and more widely used, we often see that the surface of stainless steel has a variety of patterns, so that stainless steel looks more beautiful. So how is the pattern of stainless steel plate made?

1. Embossing method

Embossed stainless steel sheet
Embossed stainless steel sheet



This is also the most common method at present, and it is also a lower cost method. Use a type, die or roll to apply pressure to force the plastic deformation of the local material to obtain a pattern. Pressure processing has stamping method, static pressure method or rolling method. There is internal stress after embossing, and its stress and deformation decrease according to the above methods. The depth of stamping can be deep or shallow according to the tensile properties of the mold and stainless steel plate, and it becomes a permanent stress mark. The stainless steel embossing plate is processed by this process.





2, chemical deplating method

Black titanium marble stainless steel
Black titanium marble stainless steel




Through various printing techniques or photographic plate making, the surface of colored PVD or water-plated stainless steel plate is first covered with a patterned corrosion resistance film, and chemical deplating is carried out in the appropriate deplating solution. After deplating the color film, a high precision primary color pattern is obtained. The black titanium marble we commonly use is made in this way.





3. Carving

Aluminum engraving
Aluminum engraving



The use of mechanical equipment, such as laser engraving machine, copying machine, manipulation of rotating tools for milling or hand engraving. This method can only be engraved on the flat steel plate, easy to deep milling, the cost of this method is high, but the three-dimensional sense is strong.







4. Local sandblasting

Local sandblasted stainless steel sheet
Local sandblasted stainless steel sheet



Using compressed air, high-speed emery is sprayed on the surface of the stainless steel plate blocked by the pattern template to form a sand pattern. The surface of the sandblasting method is rough, and it is not easy to spray the pattern of thin strips, and the depth is generally not more than 0.08mm.







5, electrochemical etching

Etched Stainless Steel Sheet
Etched Stainless Steel Sheet




The surface of the stainless steel plate covered with a patterned anticorrosive film is etched by using an auxiliary electrode in an appropriate electrochemical etching solution. The etching speed is faster, the pattern formed is deeper, and special instruments and equipment are needed.






Of course, in addition to the above commonly used patterns directly formed on the surface of stainless steel, there are currently thermal transfer and laminating plates are slowly being accepted by the market. Moreover, with the development of stainless steel processing technology, new processes will continue to emerge, and stainless steel plates will become more and more popular.



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