HL Stainless Steel Strip

HL Stainless Steel Strip

Type Stainless Steel Strip
Certification ISO9001
Brand Jinxinhe
Grade 201/304/316/430
Size Customized
Surface No.1, 2B, BA, 8K Mirror, No.4,Hairline,Satin,Embossed,Brush,Matt Pvc Film,Laser Film.Perforated,Galvanized
Feature Corrosion resistance, heat resistance
Packing way Standard export sea-worthy packing or customized

1. What is Hairline Finish?
A hairline finish is a type of metal material that is processed on a special hairline machine using mechanical means to produce strong tension, extrusion, and shear force. This results in the formation of fine wire with wire drawing technology that has a specific length, diameter, and surface finish. Typical wire drawing materials include copper, aluminum, steel, iron, and so forth.

2.Why need to polish?
The hairline material has various burrs, unevenness, and other faults because of its relatively rough surface. These flaws impact the metal’s mechanical and corrosion-resistant qualities in addition to its aesthetic appeal. Therefore, burrs and uneven surface flattening can be achieved through polishing and other processing processes,thereby improving the smoothness of the surface and corrosion resistance.

3.Hairline can be polished?
The quantity, size, and form of burrs on the material’s surface determine how smooth the drawing surface is. Polishing can successfully increase the smoothness of the surface if the burrs are minimal. But polishing is unlikely to get rid of burrs entirely if they are very big. To obtain a superior surface treatment result in actual production, a mix of sandblasting, polishing, and other surface treatment procedures is typically used.

4.When polishing, what should be kept in mind?
When sketching the polishing process’s surface, the following concerns must be taken into consideration:

(1)  Because the polishing process applies pressure and heat to the material’s surface, it is important to monitor the power and temperature during the process to prevent surface damage and distortion.

(2) Different materials have different chippings, gels, and abrasives, it’s important to select the right abrasives and polishing products based on the material’s characteristics and surface imperfections.

(3) It is necessary to apply a follow-up treatment, such sandblasting, to eliminate any leftover grit and debris from the surface after polishing.


Stainless steel narrow strip has many advantages, such as high strength, corrosion resistance, and aesthetics. It can be used not only in the field of construction and decoration, but also in the field of furniture and electrical appliances. For example, in the field of furniture, stainless steel narrow strip can be used to make the support structure and connectors of metal furniture to improve the strength and service life of furniture. In conclusion, stainless steel narrow strip is a very excellent metal material with a wide range of applications and advantages. When choosing and using it, you need to consider its material, specification, surface treatment and other aspects, and choose the right model and use according to the actual needs.


Concerning the Use of Stainless Steel Strip,Catalytic converters, building supplies, compressor valves, medical equipment, cutting tools, household appliances, and electronic enclosures are a few other uses for stainless steel strip. Industries like communications, medical, aerospace, construction, electronics, petrochemical, and food processing frequently employ stainless steel strip.






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