Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet

Stainless Steel Stand Display Wine Rack for Wine Caller

Type Stainless steel wine rack
Brand Jinxinhe
Production Method Laser cut hollowing, cutting, welding, hand polishing, coloring
Size Customized
Material 201/304 stainless steel, aluminum, copper
Finish Mirror, hairline, brushed, PVD coated, etched, sandblasted, embossed, etc
Colors Gold, black, champagne gold, rose gold, bronze, antique, burgundy, rose, violet, etc
Application Decorate the background of living room, hotel, bar, indoor and outdoor public space.Dedicated to bars, clubs, KTV, bath centers, shopping malls, villas
Packing way Wooden or cardboard box with bubble wrap, transparent film, internal foam

Stainless Steel Wine Rack

The shelves of a stainless steel wine rack are suitable for storing red wines, foreign wines, and other alcoholic beverages. Be mindful of safety, beauty, and applicability. used in clubs, western restaurants, motels, pubs, and other locations. Wine racks made of stainless steel are strong and offer a distinctive appearance. Typical family varieties of wine must be stored with the cork and wine in contact rather than being consumed all at once. As a result, the cork and wine stay dry. With a little care, the cork and wine can remain in touch while allowing the wine to fall to the bottom naturally.


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