3D Laser Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless Steel 3D Laser Plate Color Metal Sheet

Type Stainless Steel 3D Laser Sheet
Certification ISO9001
Brand Jinxinhe
Grade 201/304/316/430
Size Customized
Surface Finish 3D Laser+Mirror+PVD Color Coating
Application Wall Decoration, etc
Packing way PVC+ waterproof paper + strong sea-worthy wooden package


Stainless steel 3D laser plate color metal sheet is another name for the 3D laser process. Stainless steel can be laser-engraved with the required design by physically removing the metal’s surface layer with a powerful laser beam. Deep engraving is another popular technique for marking stainless steel.Stainless steel 3D laser sheet is the only laser edge sealing work Zen staring art production of high-quality panels, environmental protection, moisture resistance, scratch and abrasion resistance, stain resistance, resistance to heavy pressure, resistance to high temperatures, fire retardant, performance is very good. 3D laser plate series of cabinets after the introduction of the cabinets have won the hearts of the majority of consumers to become a hot cabinet on the market, the technology can achieve high precision, high definition, high speed and low-cost production methods. This technology can realize high-precision, high-definition, high-speed and low-cost production mode.

Stainless steel 3D laser sheet
1.Excellent material
Made of high quality stainless steel
It has stable physical properties to prevention corrosion and
rust prevention, good flexibility, service life and other characteristics.

Stainless steel 3D laser sheet


2.Professional Customized
Various stainless steel surface treatment systems are available, and they can be combined to create a product that is even more tailored to your needs. Professional customization is also possible based on customer specifications.

Stainless steel 3D laser sheet


3.Multi-color optionalProducts have a variety of colors for your choice.
According to your requirements, you can choose any color.
Matching, the specific color can consult the line customer service.

Stainless steel 3D laser sheet

4.Standard production
All stainless steel products are produced according to strict technical requirements of production, layer
quality control, carefully manufactured, and durable and practical.




Stainless steel 3D laser sheet is an environmentally friendly decorative materials, does not contain methanol and other organic substances, no radiation, safety and fire prevention, suitable for large-scale architectural decoration (bus stations, railway stations, subway stations, airports, etc.), hotels and mansions business decorations, public facilities, new home decorations and so on. It is characterized by wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant to reach the international advanced level (the international level is 500g positive pressure soft rubber friction 200 times without fading, stainless steel laser plate can reach 5000 times without fading). And colorful, and the price is only one-tenth of the imported products. In the process of supporting, but also developed a colorful series of sets of titanium gold pure plane effect, while maintaining the overall smoothness of stainless steel products, stainless steel products endowed with brilliant color patterns, so that the product is bright and eye-catching, easy to clean, durable.


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