Vibration Stainless Steel Sheet

Vibration stainless steel sheet

Certification ISO9001
brand Jinxinhe
Grade 201/304/316/430
Thickness 0.3mm-3.0mm
Size 1000*2000mm, 1219*2438mm, 1219*3048mm, customized Max. width 1500mm
Available finishes No.4, hair pattern, mirror, etching, PVD color, embossing, vibration, sandblasting, combination, lamination, fluorocarbon paint, etc
colour Primary colors, yellow gold, rose gold, black, grey, Champagne, copper, violet, coffee, sapphire blue, wine red, emerald green, rose red, antique, etc
Packing way PVC+ waterproof paper + strong sea-worthy wooden package

Vibration stainless steel sheet,  its surface texture is presented with a radian no regular small circle. vibration stainless steel sheet plate is generally made of stainless steel 2b plate by machine processing, and sometimes stainless steel mirror plate by hand polishing. The material of vibration stainless steel sheet plate is 201 material and 304 material. 304 material is a little more expensive than 201, but more durable, corrosion resistant, not easy to rust. Vibrating stainless steel plates give people a sense of order in the chaos, and a little like a sweater. vibration stainless steel sheet plates generally show a matte state. Many designers have a special preference for random grain board, like to use random grain board to make and process some decorative lines, skirting lines or elevator cars, and the overall surface of the product is wear-resistant, anti-scratching, and friction-resistant beyond other steel. Its surface anti-fingerprint effect is much higher than that of ordinary stainless steel. The product can be made of color, but also can be made of pattern. The colors for customers to choose are: black titanium, golden titanium, titanium white, sky blue, sapphire blue, brown,, purple,, bronze, Champagne gold, rose gold, purple, emerald green, green and so on. Processing thickness: 0.3mm-3.0mm, specification: conventional or non-standard size.

Common color

vibration stainless steel sheet
vibration stainless steel sheet
vibration stainless steel sheet
vibration stainless steel sheet
emerald green
vibration stainless steel sheet
vibration stainless steel sheet






Introduction of vibrating stainless steel plates

Vibration stainless steel is divided into mechanical vibration and manual vibration.

Mechanical vibration has the characteristics of low cost and uniform texture, and most of the vibrating stainless steel plates use this process.

Manual vibration has the characteristics of high production cost, large arc of grain, wide variable range of effect, and more texture of grain, which is generally used for stainless steel plates after coloring, antique stainless steel and stainless steel plates requiring special effects.

Mechanical vibration of the stainless steel plate refers to the stainless steel plate in high-speed operation of the grinding wheel (grinding head along the wrap drawing cloth), through the coordination of the grinding wheel and the stainless steel plate, the direction of the front and back movement (generally the front and back movement of the stainless steel plate, the left and right circular movement of the grinding head), so that the surface of the stainless steel plate to obtain approximately irregular circular drawing lines.

Manual vibration stainless steel plate is the use of wire drawing cloth on the surface of the stainless steel plate for manual circular friction, and then produce approximately irregular curved wire drawing lines, whether mechanical vibration or manual vibration, essentially belong to a kind of wire drawing, but the efficiency of vibration processing is much lower than that of straight drawing,So the price of vibrating stainless steel is higher than that of straight drawn stainless steel, and the market share is much lower than that of straight drawn stainless steel.

vibration stainless steel sheet
Antique vibrating stainless steel
vibration stainless steel sheet
Mechanical vibration stainless steel sheet
vibration stainless steel sheet
hand-made vibration stainless steel sheet










Applications of vibrating stainless steel plates

The vibrating stainless steel plate is a grain pattern formed by the surface processing of the stainless steel plate. Compared with the ordinary stainless steel plate, the surface grain of the steel plate is more complex and irregular. Vibrating stainless steel plates can be polished or color processed, and can be used in different environments and application fields.

Antique vibration stainless steel products
Antique vibration stainless steel products

1. Architectural decoration: Vibrating stainless steel plate has become one of the favorite materials for architectural designers due to the characteristics of color, texture and thickness diversity. In the decoration of public Spaces such as high-end residences, office buildings, exhibition halls, sightseeing elevators, etc., random stainless steel plates can be used to make doors and Windows, elevator rooms, large sculptures, walls and floors.

2. Home furniture: Vibrating stainless steel plate can also be used for home furniture design. In the production of furniture, the use of vibrating stainless steel plate processing into exquisite furniture, such as tables, desks, etc., not only beautiful, environmental protection and long life will not produce harmful substances indoor environmental protection level is high.

3. Electrical manufacturing: Vibrating stainless steel plate is also widely used in the field of electrical appliances, such as oven steaming boxes, microwave ovens, gas stoves and other electrical appliances beautiful, easy to clean, durable.

4. Industrial equipment: Vibrating stainless steel plate as industrial equipment, has the advantages of non-corrosion, good thermal conductivity, easy cleaning, fire prevention and so on. It is suitable for underground garage, road gate, forklift platform, washing machine lining, pharmaceutical equipment, food processing equipment and other fields.

The above is the main application field of vibrating stainless steel plate, because of its unique surface effect and superior quality material, vibrating stainless steel plate has been applied in many fields.


Commonly used decorative stainless steel


1. mirror processing

mirror stainless steel
mirror stainless steel


The mirror treatment of stainless steel is simply to polish the surface of stainless steel, and the polishing method is divided into physical polishing and chemical polishing. Local polishing can also be carried out on the surface of stainless steel, polishing grades are divided into ordinary polishing, ordinary 6K, fine grinding 8K, super fine grinding 10K effect. The mirror gives a feeling of high-end simplicity and fashion of the future.





2. Sand blasting

Sandblasted stainless steel
Sandblasted stainless steel

This is the most common surface treatment process of stainless steel processing, which is mainly through the power of compressed air, high-speed jet beam will spray the spray material to the surface of the work piece that needs to be treated, so that the shape of the outer surface of the work piece changes.Sandblasting is mainly used in engineering and surface technology, such as improving the viscosity of adhesive parts, optimizing the machined surface burr, decontamination and surface matte treatment have a great role. The effect of this process is much better than that of hand grinding, and the surface structure of the sandblasting treatment is uniform, which can create the low-key and durable characteristics of the product, and the production and processing efficiency is high. Manual grinding can produce rough surface but the speed is too slow, and chemical solvent cleaning is too smooth to clean the surface and is not conducive to coating bonding.


3. Chemical treatment

Chemical antique stainless steel
Chemical antique stainless steel


This process mainly uses a combination of chemistry and electrochemistry to treat a layer of stable compounds generated on the surface of stainless steel. For example, electroplating, which is common in our lives, is a kind of chemical treatment.

Chemical treatment mainly relies on individual or mixed acidic solution, Yang solution, etc., for rust removal. After chromate treatment, phosphate treatment, anodizing, blackening and other methods on the metal surface to produce protective film. This process is mainly used to make complex pattern effects, create vintage or modern design requirements.






4. Surface coloring

PVC color stainless steel
color stainless steel

The surface coloring process of stainless steel can bring different colors to stainless steel, making the metal more colorful. Coloring not only makes stainless steel more abundant in appearance, but also can effectively improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the product.

The commonly used surface coloring methods are chemical coloring method, electrochemical oxidation coloring method, ion deposition oxide coloring method, high temperature oxidation coloring method and gas phase cracking coloring method.




5. surface drawing treatment

brushed stainless steel
brushed stainless steel


Metal drawing treatment is a very common decoration method in life. It can be made into straight grain, thread, ripple, random grain and spiral grain. This surface treatment gives people a good hand feel, fine luster, strong wear resistance and other characteristics. It is widely used in electronic equipment, household appliances, mechanical equipment and so on.




Sprayed stainless steel
Sprayed stainless steel


6. Spraying

Stainless steel spraying and the above coloring treatment is very different in substance, due to the difference in materials, some spray paint may destroy the stainless steel surface oxide layer. However, some spraying can be used to achieve different colors of stainless steel products with a simple process, and different spraying can also be used to change the feel of stainless steel.



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